Oud leerling van FIFTEEN heeft eigen bedrijf!

In het eerste jaar volgde hij bij FIFTEEN in Amsterdam de opleiding en 8 jaar later heeft hij zijn eigen bedrijf. Dit is precies de reden waarom we het doen! 

Why Chef Charles? from WRM?magazine on Vimeo.

"Food is way to real for it to be a passing hype" - Chef Charles Gray

Chef Charles was born in New York, but is running his own Burger joint in the city of Amersfoort (the Netherlands) these days. Nine years ago he was in the tv show Fifteen (Jamie Oliver) in Amsterdam. Fifteen is a concept where fifteen unemployed boys and girls get a chance to become a cook. Charles was one of them. It was his first step to eventually opening his own restaurant.

Charles is so passionate about food that we wanted to help him sharing his passion and his knowledge. Through this short introduction film, we want to show who Charles is. From now on we will follow Charles in his career and we hope we can inspire other people to start thinking about Food. Because after all:

"Food is the beginning of everything" - Chef Charles Gray

The WRM? magazine stands for the dutch word Waarom? which means why in English. It is set up by a group of friends to share each others passions and practical tips and tricks. The critical media is always so negative. We are glad that there are still people showing their criticism, but can we do that and being optimistic at the same time? We will try to show that it is possible!

WRM? magazine is there to answer your thoughts and to ask you answer our questions.

The magazine is set up without a budget and is just brought to you by a few Dutch optimistic and passionate students who will never stop asking themselves.. WHY? We hope you enjoy it.

3/6/2018 12:00:00 AM